• Welcome to CLOUD8!

  Cloud8 is the cafe and accomondation which is located in small village called Saihouji-Daira in the middle of Mt.Akaiwa, Maizuru, Kyoto.

   When it is good weather, you can see clouds below. In night time, there are a lot of shiny stars in front of you. You will enjoy fresh air, water, and great view here.

  We serve vegan dishes without meat, fish, dairy products, and white (refined) sugar. Of course all of our selling products are 100% vegan, and we use and bake our breads with whole wheat flour only.

We hope you come and enjoy our food and place to relaxing your body and mind.


  • Shop information
    Outside deck seats: 12 seats
  • (Table for 4 persons×3)
  • Inside seats: 8 seats
    • (Table for 4 persons×2)
    Parking space: For 3 cars
  • (There is a narrow road to our cafe. Please avoid come with large vans or other smilar vehicles.)

  • ※Only inside seats are available in winter season.
    ※It is completely no smorking area inside and outside of our cafe.
    ※Due to serving vegan dishes, please do not bring any foods or drinks into our cafe. 
    ※The number of seats is limited. Please avoid come with large groups, many people.


Business (Reservation) calendar

  Please check the latest reservation condition, and when we are opened and closed this month.

  Especially in winter season or bad weather, we may temporary be closed because of weather and other reasons. 

  We are looking for your reservation by phone or email.

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